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Part of the Badminton Europe U17 Circuit 2021


01-04 July 2021

Gatchina, Russia
(Saint-Petersburg reg.)


Closing date: 01 June 2021

Venue: ARENA, Gathina, Generala Knysha str. 14a.


Presented by: National badminton federation of Russia




Local organizer: Badminton federation of Leningard region



+7 (921) 321 07 62. Fax: 8 (81371) 71622


Referee: Russkikh Vladimir (RUS) russkikh@gtn.ru


Tournament director: Russkikh Alexander (Russia)


Dates of the Event: 

30 June - Arrivals, practicing (by schedule), TMM - at 19:00

01 July from to 9:00-14:00 - R32 MS, WS & XD + R16 MD, WD & XD

02 July from to 9:00-12:00 - R16 MS & WS + QF MD, WD & XD

03 July from to 9:00-11:30 - QF MS & WS + SF MD, WD & XD

04 July - SF MS & WS (starting at 9:00) + all finals (starting at 14:00)


Date for the Team

Managers meeting: 30 June at 19 at sporthall Arena


Shuttles: Yonex AS 40


Courts: 4 courts - Gerflor Taraflex Badminton


Draw: Seeding and draw will be done by Badminton Europe


Date of draw: 15 June 2021


Draw format: Simple K.O.


Events: Men’s Singles, Women's Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women's Doubles, Mixed Doubles. Entry Limits: MS 32, WS 32, MD 24, WD 24, XD 32.


General: The tournament will be played in accordance with the Laws of Badminton and the General Competition regulations of BWF as well as with the Badminton Europe U17 Circuit Regulations.


Eligibility: All players have to be members of an association affiliated to the BWF. Open for players according to the current Badminton Europe-/ BWF-age-limit (born on or after 1 January 2005).


Entry Fees:Singles:  30 €/per player

Doubles: 20 €/per player

(40 €/per combination in doubles)

All entrees should be paid by cash to organizers. Bank transfers are impossible.

The Member that enters a player/pair into a BEC U17 Circuit
tournament is responsible for paying the entry fees for that
player/pair. The entry fees become due if a player is entered and has
not been withdrawn when the entry deadline passes. It is
recommended that the entry fees are paid by bank transfer, but the
organisers can accept cash payments at tournaments.
The entry fees will not be refunded in the case of a withdrawal. For all
the withdrawn players the organisers can invoice the entry fee to the
relevant Member.


Entry Deadline: 01 JUNE 2021, 23:59 BWF Headquarters Time


Entries: All entries must be made by using the BWF Online Entry System.

Players can not be entered unless they already have a BWF ID-
Compliance with General Competition Regulations Clause 7.9
GCR 7.9: “In making or authorising entries, the Member concerned is reconfirming its acceptance, and acceptance by the Players being entered, of the BWF’s regulations and Disciplinary processes.”
In accordance with regulation § 9.2 and § 9.3 in BWF Statutes, Section World Junior Ranking System, an event must contain at least 8 (eight) competitors in the first published version of the main draw.
If the required number of competitors is not met in the first published version of the main draw, this particular event shall not count towards any ranking.
In accordance with regulation § 9.4 in BWF Statutes, Section World Junior Ranking System, an event must contain at least 1 (one) entry from a Member other than the hosting Member in the
first published version of the main draw. If an event does not contain at least 1 (one) entry from a Member other than the hosting Member in the first published version of the main draw, this particular event shall not count towards any ranking.
BADMINTON EUROPE is not liable for any costs incurred by third persons (players, coaches, umpires, team managers etc.) because of an event not having enough competitors to count for the


Withdrawals: Please ensure that the Organizer is informed immediately when a player has to withdraw, preferably together with the reason.


Advertising and clothingColour, design, lettering and advertising on clothing shall be regulated by BWF Statutes, Section 5.2.3: Junior Tournament Regulations § 12 to 16 For all BEC U17 Circuit tournaments the name on the back of the shirt is optional.


Visa: Contact the organizers about visa support if needed. Important: to get invitation you need to fill “Visa form” and sent it to fokarena@gmail.com until 01 June. For most of countries it is much simpler to get “tourist visa” kind than “sport visa” kind.


Official Hotels: Hotel request should be made until 06 June 2021

Please send it to Mr. Konstantin Ivanov: fokarena@gmail.com

Telephone number: +7 965 079 88 51

All payment for accommodation should be made to organizers by cash. Bank transfer is impossible.


Hotel Gatchina (Centre of city. 10 minutes by official transport from sport hall)

web: http://hotel-gatchina.ru, address: Gatchina, Gorkogo str. 21

tel. +7 (921) 931-2012


Price (RUR)


Standard (single)



Standard twin (2 beds)


Standard (triple)



Hotel Garden House (Stars 4) http://hotel-gh.com/en/ (Centre of city. 8 minutes by official transport from sport hall)
Address: St-Petersburg reg. Gatchina, Prospekt 25-th Oktyabrya 3
tel. 8 (81371) 344-99


Price (RUR)


Standard (single/double)





Official Point Of Arrival: Pulkovo airport (Saint-Petersburg).

We provide free transportation from airport to hotel.

Please reserve on time not later than June 08 by sending information to: fokarena@gmail.com


Court Practicing: To take free court for practice you should reserve it by e-mail until 1 week before tournament start: fokarena@gmail.com. Practicing time:

30 June from 11 to 22 at sport hall Arena (tournament sport hall)


Local transport: The organization will provide transfer between the official hotels and the Sport Hall.


Medical Service: A doctor will be present in the hall during the tournament.


Doping Control: Doping control in badminton, in accordance with BWF Anti-Doping Regulations, is conducted out-of-competition and in-competition with the collection of urine and/or blood samples.
Athletes are responsible for any substance found in their body. Before an athlete takes any medication, they should check with their doctor, and if necessary, get a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). For more information about anti-doping, please visit the BWF website:
Badminton Integrity: Section 2.4 of the BWF Statutes (Code of Conduct in Relation to Betting, Wagering and Irregular Match Results) relates to anti-
corruption and anti-match manipulation, and this code applies to all
participants at this tournament.
To protect the integrity of BWF sanctioned tournaments, participants are not allowed to bet in any way on badminton matches, respect the principle of fair play, and shall not attempt to influence the course or result of a game or match.
Every person has an obligation to report to the BWF any approaches
by anyone to gather inside information or to change the outcome of a
For more information, please refer to BWF’s website:


We are looking forward to see you in Russia!
Mr. Andrey Antropov
Chairman of Council
National Badminton federation of Russia

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