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Welcome to the official site of the Badminton Development Fund of Alexander and Anastasia Russkikh! This site is created to support, develop and popularize badminton in Russia and intended for professional sportsmen and amateurs as well as those who are making their first steps in badminton.
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White nights 2008

English version of the official web-site of the tournament »»»

Russian Open 2007 in English

The official site of Russian Open 2007 appeared:

(Gold Grand Prix)

Russian Open 2007 Date: 05th – 09th December 2007

Prize Money: 125,000$ (GOLD Grand Prix)

Venue: Moscow, Basketball Center CSKA

The event will feature Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. It will be run in accordance with the existing regulations of the Badminton World Federation.

Get more information on the Russian National Badminton Federation website (Invitation, Entry form, Accommodation) »»»

The New Amateur Badminton League series

Organiser: The Leningradskaya Oblast Badminton Development Fund.

An application must be received not later than a week before the beginning of a tournament. Any form and style of an application is acceptable.

Address: Russia, Leningradskaya oblast, 188300, Gatchina, 25th October prospect 48, ap. 64

Phone number: +7 (81371) 3-35-19

E-mail: alex_russkich@yahoo.com

Entry fee: 700 RUR

Tournaments are played with the only shuttle model.

The Schedule:

Date Place
1 12 - 14 October 2007 Gatchina, PINP
2 3 November 2007 -
Badminton festival
Gatchina, USZ Mayak
3 14 - 16 December 2007 Gatchina, PINP
4 4 – 6 January 2008 Gatchina, PINP
5 22 - 24 February 2008 Gatchina, PINP
6 7 – 9 March 2008 Gatchina, PINP
7 11 – 13 April 2008 Gatchina, PINP
8 8 – 10 May 2008 (the final) Gatchina, PINP

"White nights" 2007, EBU Circuit:
The Draws (MS Excell Document)

25-th Russian International Tournament "White nights" 2007

Part of the Badminton Europe Circuit 2007/2008 and a World Ranking Tournament

11 - 15 July 2007, Gatchina, Leningrad Region, Russia

Prize money: USD 15 000

25th International Open Badminton Tournament "White Nights"
With the support of St-Petersburg regional Sports Committeе and Gatchina city Government. 18-24 June 2007, Gatchina, Russia

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